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Hello Marianne,

I was just looking at old hoppicking films and came across your message. I remember Bert Weston and his wife very well. I am Martin and my brother was Nick. Our father was Stanley Day and we owned Pickhill. I seem to recall two sons, Ray and Kenny. Also two daughters Audrey and Dorothy. I may be wrong on the names as it was a long time ago. Have very fond memories of the times,not only the hopping but also the fruit picking which Bert used to help us with. My wife who was born in London remembers that she had a best friend called Audrey Weston who used to go Hoppicking in Kent. I do not know if it is the same Audrey but it,s quite a coincidence. Hope this gets to you alright and I look forward to hearing from you and swapping memories. I left Pickhill in 1984 and now live on the Isle of Man.

Regards Martin
Email address is [reveal email]

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