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Patricia Dollimore

Replying to Bill Price message dated nov 07. Remember the name but cannot place the face. Sorry! Now living in surrey.

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    Sitting here in Toronto, cleaning out my house to put it up for sale and I came across a picture of Pat Dollimore who was training as a nurse at Charing Cross Hospital at the time I knew her (late 1950’s). It appears that she gave up nursing, married and is now someplace else. Do you have contact information?

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    Earl, How nice to hear from you. I have often wondered how you were and where you were, it is nice to know that you are still around and well. I live in surrey, near Hampton Court. If ever you come to the U.K. I would love to meet you again. Meanwhile keep well, and send a message any time. Regards, Pat.

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    Pat: Wonderful to get your note. Somehow I expected to hear that you were in Australia. The photo I have is of you and I at something like the nurses’ annual dance (I remember that the head nurse, who was / had been very beautiful got very drunk – you said she had slept with most of the senior staff), and we are with a friend of yours and her date, Tudor something. I have not been in England since ’86 but we do talk of going. A quick update: came back from Africa to Toronto (did you know I had taught a year at the U of Ghana) married an actress (of course) with two very young girls and we had two boys – the children were raised on a farm and I commuted; then we divorced and the actress bolted to NY to pursue her career which went nowhere; and I raised the four children and years, many years later, had a child with another woman (of course). He is going into his final undergraduate year – we had lunch yesterday and he is uncommonly well adjusted considering who his parents are. The older children are in their mid-40’s and early 50’s (one of them just e-mailed from Shanghai where he is organizing a merger). In the meantime, I have had a companion for the past 16 years and the secret to what is the longest relationship I have ever had is that we each have our own home and families, and live close to each other. After Ghana I came back to do newspaper and media work, then went into consulting and ended up running a national population health survey (must be your influence). I spend a lot of time and money visiting children and grandchildren – one son is in Portland, Ore, and another just moved to Denver; this afternoon I am driving north to my older daughter’s horse farm (she married a doctor), not far from where she was raised, to watch the elections.

    That is my life in brief and I must tell you that you were / are one of the nicest people I ever met – and that one of your stories had a deep effect on me and profoundly influenced some of my work in the health field, and subsequently the lives of many women in this country. Google me.

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    Earl, Your life has been completely different from the one I imagined.

    I thought you would be somebody of great importance in the financial world.

    Earl, Something seems to have gone wrong with my letter to you, it seems to have been erased. Your life with your women did not surprise me, you always were surrounded by them. Your work made me feel really proud of you, and your children sound as if they too are equally proud. I do not know how to google, but I will ask my daughter for instructions. Meanwhile keep well, Pat.

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    How to google: in the top right corner of your screen I see a place where you can click ‘google’ or Tenterden’. Click google and then a space will open, and type in earl berger, toronto and then click again.

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    On second thought, maybe it is too intrusive.

    Take care,


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    Hi Earl,

    Just sitting here and letting my mind wander whilst watching t.v. and playing around on my computer,and I thought that I would like to know if you are still well. My husband is out at our Bridge club. hopefully winning. my partner has gone on holiday, hence the reason why I am so bored. Anyway I hope your life and your family are all well, as mine are. By the way, I am a great grandmother now, one boy and one girl. Trouble is I still don’t feel old enough, though clearly I am. Bye for now, Pat.

    PS – There is no need to answer, I am just doodling!

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    I have only just now picked up the message having received no reply up to the date I moved on. However, if it is the girl I knew while teaching in London, I’d love to catch up.

    The girl I knew was a nurse and I believe she became an air hostess. And I know she came from Tenterden in Kent.
    I had thought that perhaps her name would have changed if she married but one never knows the circumstances.

    Please reply.

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    Hi Bill, I am not sure that my reply to you got through, can you confirm by message board, then will give you my email address.

    Pat Young nee Dollimore

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    So good of you to answer my attempt to find you.

    Would love to catch up on your life and times.

    Bill Price

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    Hi Bill,

    My email address is [reveal email]

    Hope to hear from you.


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    Speak to you soon.


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