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Allen Burch of New Town Stores

I would be interested to know if anyone remembers my grandfather, Allen Burch, who ran the “New Town Stores” in Golden Square from 1928 to 1961.

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    Hi there,
    I lived at danemore from 1950 -54 and certainly remember as a child being sent to Mr Burch shop to get grocery items for my mum,
    I also remember almost opposite Mrs Biffin Mrs Hyland and Mrs Jewell the hairdresser.

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    Christine, thanks very much for your message. My grandmother would have remembered the people you mention. Possibly my father would too but he is very ill now. Could you tell me where Danemore is / was? I visited my grandparents at Tenterden when I was a boy but that was a while ago now! I wonder if anyone ever talked about my great-grandfather (a very different character!)

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    If you walked past the shop away from the townafter the row of cottages there was and still is a turning to the left leading to Mr Puxted the bicycle shop (now long gone) behind this and effectively almost behind Burch’s shop there were a group of prefabs built just after the war. I also remember a Mr Standen who worked in the shop .
    This is all very easy for me as I have lived here all my life as did my father and town history is something I am keen on. I work with the archives in the Town Hall and there is an early picture of the shop if you would like me to send it please email me at nanchrisuk @ aol.com

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